Find the Others, and Then You Will Know What to Do

I like the “Occupy” movement; or rather I like what they represent. To see so many standing for injustice is a beautiful thing in a world where so much of the actions of the ruling class could be considered unjust. The issue that I have though is that they seem more like white blood cells, grouping together at the site of moral infection with no real plan of action. Then there are other groups that have a very similar interest, with beautiful solutions to complex problems, however there is not a clear methodology when it comes to setting their plans into motion (cough…zeitgeist…cough).

The common strand that unites these and any other groups that seek to change a paradigm is their marginality. Whether social or economic change, gay rights, racial equality, or any other “special interest” group out there, the fact is that the common interests of each far outnumber that which separates them. There was a time not too long ago when the “freaks” like me felt very alone in the world. I personally felt as though I was a crazy person sometimes because my ideas about the world I live in did not fit into the mold of convention, but thanks to tools like the internet, that is no longer an issue.

The time of the dinosaur is coming to an end. The blood and the pain experienced by the world at large are not unlike the blood and pain that a mother experiences when bringing a new life into the world. We are in the birth canal of a new society, one of cooperation, love, and created for all, not just for the few with all the power. That power is the grand illusion; we the many have the power.

Each of us is one cell in the grand organism of humanity, having the experience of being human. Each experience is separate, yet united by the relationships that connect us. Just imagine if your skin cells decided to go to war with your muscle cells, or with the rest of the body because they came to the conclusion that the skin is the “fittest” representative of the body and therefore more deserving of survival. The skin would multiply out of control, and destroy other systems in its quest to conquer the body, as a cancer. Do you see the parallel?

The disease we have become on the earth is reflected within. The storms of discord in society rain down upon us all, made manifest as global disaster. Everything is connected. We poison our lungs with smoke, and we poison our bodies with fast food, just as we poison our air with smog, and we poison our rivers with waste. We mirror the toll being taken on the earth. We belong to her; it is not the other way around.

The thing is we cannot do anything about the big problem right now. The machine has been moving too fast for too long for any one group to put it to rest. What we can do is change ourselves. Be courteous; be good to your body, and love. If you come across someone who is not, leave them behind and seek the others that see things the way you do. “Find the others, and then you will know what to do.” These words were spoken by Timothy Leary in a time when the margins of society felt they needed to put flowers in their hair and move to San Francisco to be united. Times have changed, and the revolution of today lies within the synapses of an artificial global brain. The truth can no longer be hidden from us, and “us” becomes a greater number every minute of every day.

“I am the cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.” I pose this as a question of sorts from one of my favorite works of Rudyard Kipling. What if this is the approach we each took with the world we inhabit? To look at even our own home as the subject of our experience, and not take for granted what it is that we see each day. If each person took the stance of the cat, the truth of what we do would be so clear. We should all live as extra environmentalists, not as Americans or Europeans, Asians, Australians, or Africans, but humans—no division. When you look at Earth from space it is made clear. There are no borders, just land and sea. Borders and separation is an illusion humans created, that we must undo if we want to thrive. I believe that Atlantis and Eden describe the same place, and neither were small bits of land, they were all land. The Earth was Atlantis, and the Earth was Eden, and when Atlantis fell, it was the world that fell, and when we were cast out of Eden, it was the natural world we were cast from, forever disconnecting us from the life force to which we are a part of, until now.

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