Scientist Expose the Truth: Aliens Walk among Us

Gotcha. Catchy title huh? Isn’t it funny how no matter what is being said, as long as you throw a “scientist say” in front of any absurdity it is taken as fact? Well folks, this week I would like to talk about the hive mind, and how large groups of people with similar ideas help to shape reality. Now when I say shape reality, I mean just that. We create the world we in habit, but not in some new age transcendent way; in a very real and physical one. When an architect has an idea for a new building style, he draws that idea, contractors build it, and in no time ideas become a manifest creation in this world. The craziest thing about it is the lag time. Since the industrial revolution, the amount of time it takes for an idea to become a reality has shortened 100 fold, from casting cogs from iron to literally printing 3 dimensional objects out of thin air. We are building the world we inhabit based on our thoughts.

    Quantum theorists speculate that the material world hinges on observation. That is, in experiments it has been noticed that particles of electrons will behave as waves, creating an interference pattern instead of behaving as particles do, when not being observed by any means of measurement. So as Dr. Quantum would say, “the observer changes the experiment.” Taking this into the real world, it can be theorized that we, as observers create the landscape of cars and buildings, parks and roadways. Unlike with electrons in a lab, this observation is done through the spreading and orchistrating of ideas into objects through action and intent. That is a lot of power for one species on this planet to possess, and one we should take seriously.

    The creation of this reality is not limited to the things we build, but to the ideas we hold as a collective. As I mentioned last week, relationships are the bonds that hold us together as a collective organism, and a lot of times that relationship is made through our agreed upon ideas of what life should be like. Hive mind, or collective intelligence is an idea that there is a collective thought process that emerges from cooperation and competition, and lends its hand in decision making and creation in the world. Many species use this process, but we are the only ones here who seem to break away from the natural order, and use this collective thinking to actually do harm with it. Not all of us mind you, but there is a long standing idea passed down through the millennia by the upper 1% of the world’s leaders that they were born superior to the masses, and it is their duty to lead us, control us and the fate of the world.

    Through instances such as organized religion, government, and media it is possible to sway the belief systems of the group in order to keep things running a certain way. I mean, isn’t it funny that in both religion and government, if you do not follow the rules you are sent to a terrible place? If you do not obey the law of the land, you are sent to jail; if you do not believe the law of the heavens, you are sent to hell. Now, I am not saying that either religion or politics are bad. Both serve the purpose to help steer people into morality, but I do not think that they should be worshiped. I come from the school of thought that without the limitations created by these institutions people is generally good. It is when a group is told that they cannot do something that the mechanism for this social disease is created. Take into account the fact that the country of Portugal, just 10 years ago completely decriminalized all drugs. It would seem to us in America, with such a rampant misuse of prescription and street narcotics that this would equal disaster for the Portuguese, but instead they have seen a dramatic decrease in the misuse of any such substance. The same can be said for countries with lenient drinking laws, and incidences of alcoholism, and don’t even get me started on gun laws.

    You see, when a person is told that they cannot do something, just like a child, they will seek out that activity exclusively just to spite the powers that be. If that is the case, then we have it all backwards. You cannot control people. You can give them guidelines, but without a truly free society, we are doomed to repeat this terrible cycle of use and misuse. The same goes for the high rates of murder and violent crime. The system of control is the medium in which these destructive tendencies are born. We are creating psychopaths by trying to control the minds of the masses, well, not in all cases, but certainly in many.

    With a shared idea of what the world could be, we as a group organism; the human family can create a society of cooperative, productive, and happy beings without all of the control. I know we cannot fix all of the world’s problems immediately through peace and love, but I do know this: What we are doing now, simply does not work, nor has it ever. Anything else would be an improvement over the group insanity that clouds our decisions in this day and age. Gay marriage is no one’s business or concern except those who wish to enter into it. So let’s leave people and their personal lives alone and focus on the real problem. We are destroying our home. The earth does not belong to anyone, we belong to her. It is silly that we have to pay someone just to live, because they have made some ridiculous ownership claim to a piece of this planet that is merely an illusion taken seriously by the collective. There really is no ownership of anything, and the sooner the rest of the world realizes this, and begins working toward the future instead of against it, the better.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


     We are all rooted in the same pot.’s_paradox

One thought on “Scientist Expose the Truth: Aliens Walk among Us

  1. I love this. I like to go through my day constantly aware that everything around me is really a part of a Grand Illusion ~ everything is moving, everything more space than solid ~ so the only way that it works that there are solid things like tables and chairs, etc.; is that all that stuff has to be in agreement to go along with the Grand Illusion…….and if every one “got it” we’d have peace on earth, and everything we need, everywhere, in a heartbeat…..I am living for that; I’m trying for that……With Great Love, Namaste’ ❤ LAMP ❤

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