You Are The Center Of Your Own Universe

My rights end where your rights begin, and together we have the right to be, without the control of an outside force as long as we do not try to take the right to live and be free from others. This limits the thousands of laws in place to just one. Do not do damage persons or their property, respecting their unalienable rights endowed to them by their creation. If there were just a few others on this planet willing to read this I would help them to see the error of our ways, and we could work together to bring forth the golden age of man. So I will begin with you dear reader, at the center of your own view of the universe.

The universe is energetic and this energetic universe is all about connections. From the smallest plank length, to the connection between quarks, to that of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, connectivity is natural to the order of things. Bonds mysteriously hold electrons to that nucleus, each of them exponentially weaker a connection than the connection preceding it. The connection between the atoms to the DNA, to the cell, to the tissue, organs, organ systems each, with a specific connection that is weaker than that of the last, when cell types commune together to complete the function required for that organ and organism to thrive, and the energy of these organs and glands forming the energy meridians that make up the chakra systems. From there, the connections reside electrically outside the body, with our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, teachers, co-workers, bosses, customers, and any other connection that you have made living your life.

When enough of these connections have been made, they create a community of human tissue if you will; an interwoven network of humans inhabiting a similar environment. Further still is that of states, countries and continents, until the connection is no longer with our own species, but to the species possessing similar characteristics to us, like other primates, then mammals, warm-blooded creatures, reptiles amphibians, eukaryotes, then prokaryotes. The connection may not be weakening, but evolving into more complicated organisms, until we are the biosphere; the homeostatic representation of life and consciousness upon and within the earth, continuing out to the moon, the sun, and our neighboring planets and their moons, until that connection is so vast, that the only way we can have an experience of it is through our consciousness, and that is where I believe the spirit lies. In those places that are too large or too small to conceive of, yet are connected to us through the Universe. You see it is one universe that you are a part of, and your spirituality is how you express your relationship with it, whether through religion, science, philosophy, or none of the above. It is for these reasons, and because of these connections, that I have made the conclusion that I agree with Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack on the cosmic oraborus and its description of these connections or relationships. Just as the universe is expanding, so is our understanding of it, and as a result, we are also expanding, but not currently in the physical sense, in the words of Deepak Chopra, “Like the dense air of the jungle tapering gradually into the thin atmosphere of the mountain the material world tapered off into subtler and subtler worlds.” Those other, more subtle worlds begin internally, and extend out to the cosmos, but these worlds are not worlds as you may perceive them to be with your five senses, but worlds where the only thing holding them together, is our respective relationships (or connections) with them.

The understanding of these connections, of our place in the universe are meaningless to me until one fact is realized: You are an electromagnetic being made of energy, transmitting and receiving energy in the form of light (photons) and sound (vibrations, phonons), and as and magnetic, you can control your polarity, your frequency, and transmission or reception of energy through your intent, and the way you perceive the one reality to which you are a part, with you at the center of it. It is so important to voice what you want, and not the desire to have more money, or a new iPod, or flat screen TV, but the things you really want, such as love, happiness, abundance, joy, peace, tranquility, ecstasy, and bliss. Wishing for these sensations is the only way to understand what is happing to us on this planet. It is not through stressing about the future, or dwelling in the past, it truly is living each moment as it is the last. It is finding love in your place at the center of your version of the universe, and letting that emotion shine and sound from you into the vastness of the universe of with you are a part. Spend every day with these intentions, and everything you have ever wanted out of life will be yours.

“Like the dense air of the jungle tapering gradually into the thin atmosphere of the mountain the material world tapered off into subtler and subtler worlds.” These worlds sprout from the previous worlds, with connections and densities far more slight than the previous. Living through the material world, scarcely a soul has any idea of any other life, but there is more life in a drop of water than there is in the conception of the world to the average person. Such is the nature of our disease, our distraction and sadly to tell anyone any different is nearly impossible a feat, for it is the notion that the world at large is a mirage is the biggest deception that anyone has ever bought into, and as a result the hardest to convince anyone of, anywhere. So we continue, doing what we have to do; misery is the bedfellow of the modern man.

The desire to live has somehow been overshadowed by the desire to survive as a rat in this cumbersome maze of deception that is the veil pulled over each and every one of seven billion or so human souls on the planet. There is something that I realize now- A fact that I have looked over for my whole life in this vibration; I am the creator of this existence. I have thought and felt every single moment since the dawn of time. Since the source of life allowed its consciousness blossom into the light, and love that is everything in creation. It is not that I am living now, it is that I have been living always, and that fact is clear to me now. I am still simply unable to see such things as this three dimensional vibration has enslaved my conscious mind…my thoughts are not my own, they are the thoughts of all and every. In La’kesh, for I am not within you, I am you.

Once the rest of us realize this, the war, the lies, and the power struggle will for once be over. We can awaken into the light of love and abundance of freedom to revel in the magnificence that is this existence, and all existence. We are all existence, we are legion. Not the one but the many. As it is above, so it is below. As the stars in the sky shine together as one, we each shine as a star to be part of that celestial dance of the aeons. My love is for myself. My love is for you. We are all as one, as a grand expression of the garden planet on which we reside. I am blessed to be alive in such a time; to feel the awakening within my body, to feel my heart open to the thought of a unity with all things in the universe. From quark to quasar, to galactic cluster, we are all as one. The source is our light, and we are that source. I am because I am, not because I think. I have always been, and will always remain to be.

One day not too long ago I was alone. It was bleak, and I was a failure. But then, just as I had found myself at the bleakest point of existence, my eyes were opened. I was shown the geometry of creation, and the vibration of love, and I have traveled on this road ever since. Now I am not saying this road has always been an easy one, but I can say that I have been blessed with the hardship that I need to realize how abundant the true gifts of life are for us all. Success is not a house, or a new car, or an iPod. Success is the look in my children’s eyes when they see me come through the door. That love that is so pure and real that there is nothing else but that—love. It is easy to live in fear. No one can will you out of that vibration. It is the love and light with you that will set you free from that bondage and it is the love of all that will welcome you in your transformation.

Try not to be too hard on yourself…the road is long, and the sorrow can be a heavy burden, but it is that shadow that must be crossed through in order to reach the light. I have been far too hard on myself. I still carry the inadequacies of this vibration at my very core, and it is within that I have realized that I am much more important than I have given myself credit for. I am the creator of my existence. I am the energy that flows into eternity. I am you, and you are me, and together we will be the light that illuminates all the dark places in this place. I cannot show anyone the way, as I have not found it myself, but I can see the road ahead, and it is a beautiful path to enlightenment. May this be the alarm that awakens you to the chance to be…without shackles, without fear, in love and light forever. Namaste.

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